Body pain; Accident recovery

  • I first went to Christine as I had a lot of pain in my body and Chiropractics and exercise did nothing to alleviate it. She started doing a lot of work to alleviate the painful condition, and the results were pretty fast. However, it was not gone totally. At that point, I noticed Christine did very few, select movements on my body which were able to get even deeper to the seat of the problem. My body took a quantum leap at that point, and enormous changes were gained within a short period of time. I am pretty well pain free now. Along with that, I have an incredible sense of calmness and wellbeing I have never felt before. What appears to be such a simple technique, has profound and long lasting effects. She has literally saved my life. I have my entire family going to her now! Thank you for moving to the Blue Mountains Christine!!!!Karen (Lawson, NSW)
  • I visited Christine suffering from debilitation reflux and a problem knee.  I no longer suffer from reflux and am able to walk long distances without pain, owing to Christine's holistic approach.  I also now have an incredible self awareness that has so enriched my life.  I cannot thank Christine enough, I am so grateful. Wendy (Lawson, NSW)
  • In 2006, I was involved in a car accident and I received a bad whiplash injury.  I had about 15 treatments from 3 different physiotherapists.  None of this helped me a great deal.  I then met Chris Hart and we commenced on a Bowen pathway.  After about three treatments, the pain was virtually gone.  I have been seeing Chris over a period of three years and I have a session every few months.  These top ups have allowed me to maintain my body in a relatively pain free condition.  Her relaxed and happy attitude to her work is a credit to herself.  Many Thanks, Kevin (Bribie Island, Qld)
  • Thank you to my dear friend, confidant & Bowen doctor, Chris.  For all the healing hands on treatments to my back, neck, shoulders, cough… It never ceases to amaze me!... It works! Colleen (Ipswich, Qld)
  • I had injured my shoulder 2 months prior to seeing Christine.  I had my arm in a sling and couldn’t move it without severe pain. I was also on the wait list for shoulder surgery.  On waking, the morning after my initial treatment, I reached out to pick up a glass of water and my husband called out “Hey, you can move your arm!”. There was still a little pain but after the 2nd treatment it was gone. When the hospital called 10 months later, I was happy to be able to cancel the surgery.  Carol (Samford, Qld)
  • I do lots of driving with my sales job.  Every now & then I get a severe pain down my buttock, and down the back and outside of my right leg.  I couldn’t believe that it only took one treatment for the pain to disappear. I was a bit concerned about the amount of driving I had to do the week after my treatment, but my back held out.  Great work Chris! John (Bribie Island, Qld)
  • I was involved in a car accident on 23/11/03.  Subsequent operations left me with a fused left ankle, MRSA as well; Fused left wrist; Seriously torn superaspinatus left shoulder and right knee replacement.  I was receiving Chiro & Physio treatment and was not progressing very much.  I tried “Bowen treatment” with Christine on the advice of a friend (reluctantly at first).  After a couple of treatments I started to feel a lot better.  I started to become a lot more pain free in my movements.  I could use my arms and legs and back a lot easier.  I could wash and polish my car & caravan.  I could do things easier than previously and plus a lot more other things that I was unable to do before.  My lower back became a lot easier and I could walk greater distances which was great.  I know that the way I feel now is a result of the “Bowen Treatments” I received.  I am at the stage where I go for treatments when I feel like it.  I am a lot happier and pain free than I have been for the last 7-8 years thanks to “Bowen”. W Jennings (Bribie Island, Qld)
  • After seeing numerous other therapies for a muscular problem in the back of my knee, Christine and her Bowen therapy had the problem solved in no time. I am now able to walk as much as I like without the leg cramping. Christine has also helped me with my shoulder and hand which are old injuries I have had for years.  Thank you. Grant (Bribie Island, Qld)
  • I would like to recommend Bowen for any type of ailment! My initial treatment was for a bad shoulder which I had been having trouble lifting my arm.  After several treatments I was able to lift my arm above my head 'easily' & went back to playing basketball! Emma (Brisbane, Qld)