COVID-19 restriction and alternative support

If you are feeling any symptoms prior to your appointment please call to reschedule or change to an online appointment.

I am still able to offer stress, trauma and body tension relief via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.

If you are in need of support during these difficult times, please contact me on: 0402 106 603 or 4751 7201

For further information, read about Trauma Recovery Techniques.

After your Bowen Treatment

After your Bowen treatment you might experience different reactions in your body. Below is a list of recommendations of what you should and shouldn’t do after your treatment. If you experience a reaction and are uncertain of what to do, contact Christine on 0402 106 603.


Bowen Therapy may initiate a healing structural correction. Occasionally some people may experience unusual reactions, mainly after initial treatments. There is no cause for alarm if you do. These are positive signs that the body is undergoing necessary healing processes. You may feel stiff, experience occasional sharp pain, heat or brief shivers, headaches or even feel a little tired or emotional. Such reactions are usually brief as your body undertakes healing. If you experience a reaction and are uncertain, contact Christine on 0402 106 603.

Especially for Back Problems:

  • To aid relaxation and rehabilitation of your back after treatment please do not sit for longer than 30 minutes at a time for the remainder of the day and night. Getting mobile regularly can aid the healing process. Lying down is fine.
  • Increase flexibility, walk daily for at least 15 minutes. To ensure pelvic balance, walk on flat ground, taking note of footpath gradients.
  • Minimise the chances of re-injury please be aware of movements after treatment. Bend your knees and do not overreach or twist when picking up an object. To pick up an object correctly, move close to it prior to lifting, tightening stomach muscles as you lift.
  • Take your weight evenly on both feet
  • Don’t slouch on to one hip or lean to one side. This places too much strain on the pelvic region and the back. If you are required to stand in one spot for any length of time, keeping body weight even, simply ‘break’ the back of the knees ever-so slightly. Or, if possible, place buttocks and back flat against a wall and, maintaining weight evenly on both feet, relax.
  • Entering or alighting from a car
    Getting out of a car, we tend to throw a leg out and start walking. To avoid severe strain on the pelvic region in particular, keeping knees together as much as practicable, swing the legs out and place both feet on the ground together. Getting into the car we tend to throw the left leg across the seat and everything else follows. Instead, place your backside on the seat first and swing legs in together.
  • Crossing your legs
    Don’t cross your legs. It may place too much strain on your body, especially the pelvis. It is a bad habit that can be broken.
  • Out of the back pocket
    Objects in your back pocket may create a pelvic imbalance when you sit and cause you problems or negate the healing process.  Keep the hip pocket empty.

Heat & Ice

Please do not apply heat (hot showers, spa, hot water bottle, electric blanket) or ice for at least 48 hours after treatment as the massaging effect and/or temperature variances may interfere with the “messages” of your treatment.  If there is soreness after treatment, please do not apply heat inducing creams. This discomfort is temporary and will improve as your body adjusts to the healing process.

Other Bodywork

To allow your body to undergo the healing processes introduced by Bowen Therapy, do not apply other types of bodywork treatment, including self applied massage for at least 5 days.

Jaw Treatments

If you have a jaw treatment, please do not open your mouth wide to bite, or eat hard, chewy foods eg apples, steak, nuts, ice etc for 24 hours following your treatment.


An important part of the effectiveness of your Bowen Treatment is staying hydrated. The recommended daily amount is around two litres… more if you are active in the sun. Coffee, tea & alcohol, air conditioning & stress dehydrate us. It’s best to drink water that is not too cold.