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Older dog with stiffness and difficulty walking

Christine did Bowen Therapy for our dog, Chloe. She’s 14 & half years old, German Shepherd/Kelpie & was having problems with her legs, stiffness & having trouble getting out of her bed & walking up & down the back steps. This was the very first time Chloe had Bowen so we had no idea what to expect. After Christine had finished doing the Bowen moves on Chloe, it was an immediate response, she was moving much better with ease & sat for Christine to get a treat after the Bowen which she hadn`t done for months. Christine was so gentle with Chloe & the moves were gentle that Chloe wasn’t worried at all. We also noticed that Chloe was much happier in herself.

We can’t thank Christine enough for what she did for Chloe. Thank you so much, Christine.

Carolyn (Yellow Rock, NSW)

Older dog with arthritis and unhappy

My dog Marley is 13 and has suffered from arthritis for a few years now. Winter is always very tough on her. She looks sore and unhappy and her movement is labored. I tried a couple of Bowen therapy sessions for her with Christine Hart. Since then, she is moving better and her demeanor is much improved.

Glen (Springwood, NSW)

My toddler had been constipated

My toddler had been constipated and couldn’t pass a motion without a suppository. After the first treatment she was sleeping better. After three treatments she was going to the toilet regularly without any assistance and has not required any further treatment.

Kylie (Ningi, Qld)

Well balanced and happy

I feel that the single treatment for my daughter Serena did the world of good for her. For the past year she has had lots of emotional stuff going on, but recently she is well balanced and happy. All good. Enjoy your day. Kind regards,

Halyna (Springwood, NSW)

Overcoming Fears

I have had a fear of heights all of my life, and particularly for the past 40 years. This fear has stopped me from experiencing many fun rides with my children and I had the unfortunate situation of having panic attacks whilst on rides whilst they were in my care alone. It has stopped me from enjoying wonderful scenic views, using cable cars etc The Bowen Therapy, particularly the treatment for overcoming fears has changed my life!! Thank You. I had followed your suggestions over a couple of months and just recently I have successfully managed to go the Scenic railway in Katoomba (steepest ride in the world at 52 deg) 3 times !! I also went on the cable way which ran along the tree tops to the bottom of the rainforest floor.Twice!! And remarkably I went on the Skyway which runs across the top of the valley.  I saw the complete Katoomba Falls and on the return journey stood over the glass area and looked down!!! I was actually EXCITED to get onto my first fear (scenic railway) as I felt confident that I could do it and I wanted to conquer my fear. I used the “safe place” to cope with the cable way the first time.  I also used it to help me initially onto the Skyway but there was also a mixture of EXCITEMENT again.I can do things I never thought possible and I no longer have to rely on medication that makes me drowsy so I don’t really get to enjoy the day. I can’t wait until the next challenge that we may have whilst overseas. Having 2 sisters who experience similar problems I have shared with them my story and about Bowen. Please feel free to share my story if it can help others to be encouraged.

Carol (Blaxland, NSW)

Anger outbursts have all but disappeared

My son was presenting with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms while living in, and after leaving, the family home where we were living in Domestic Violence. After the police issued an AVO protecting both of us, recovery started to unfold. It has been a long journey for him with bouts of intense self harm, anger outbursts, anxiety in general and social anxiety in particular, impeding him from social activities and learning. When we found Christine he was still suffering from anger outbursts and lack of ability to learn and absorb at a school. Since he started seeing Christine near weekly for treatments, his anger outbursts have all but disappeared, and his ability to do new activities and be around new people has improved greatly.

A heartfelt thank you to you Christine, for giving me back my son.

Anonymous (Blue Mountains, NSW)

Bowen Therapy broke the cycle

Christine Hart is a Bowen Therapist in Springwood. She is simply brilliant. Bowen Therapy is a little known modality of healing, but it is incredibly effective and powerful. For three years I have suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I spent the most part of it in therapy (working on the head and the emotions) but I still felt stuck, stuck inside a loop I did not understand, nor did I feel I had any control over. A loop of fear that would grab my body and take over my mind – on a daily basis. This started to subside as it does with PTSD over time – but the cycle of it did not break until addressing the way it was stored in my body when I went to see Christine. The Bowen Therapy broke the cycle, within days I had my head back, and I could focus on work in a way I had not been able to do for three years. Christine specializes in applying Bowen with a trauma recovery focus, making it great for people who go through the physical and psychological traumas of all sorts of abuse, neglect, etc.

SI (Lawson, NSW)

Now I don’t itch and hardly ever sneeze

I had very itchy legs and face, itchy and puffy eyes and was sneezy.  After the first treatment my legs stopped itching. I had regular treatments, weekly then monthly for about 6 months.  Now I don’t itch and hardly ever sneeze.

Sarah (Bribie Island, Qld)

I would like to recommend Bowen for any type of ailment!

I would like to recommend Bowen for any type of ailment! My initial treatment was for a bad shoulder which I had been having trouble lifting my arm.  After several treatments I was able to lift my arm above my head ‘easily’ & went back to playing basketball!

Emma (Brisbane, Qld)

Bowen therapy had the problem solved in no time

After seeing numerous other therapies for a muscular problem in the back of my knee, Christine and her Bowen therapy had the problem solved in no time. I am now able to walk as much as I like without the leg cramping. Christine has also helped me with my shoulder and hand which are old injuries I have had for years.  Thank you.

Grant (Bribie Island, Qld)

Pain was virtually gone

In 2006, I was involved in a car accident and I received a bad whiplash injury.  I had about 15 treatments from 3 different physiotherapists.  None of this helped me a great deal.  I then met Chris Hart and we commenced on a Bowen pathway.  After about three treatments, the pain was virtually gone.  I have been seeing Chris over a period of three years and I have a session every few months.  These top ups have allowed me to maintain my body in a relatively pain free condition.  Her relaxed and happy attitude to her work is a credit to herself. Many Thanks,

Kevin (Bribie Island, Qld)

Healing hands on treatments to my back

Thank you to my dear friend, confidant & Bowen doctor, Chris.  For all the healing hands on treatments to my back, neck, shoulders, cough… It never ceases to amaze me!… It works!

Colleen (Ipswich, Qld)

After the 2nd treatment the pain was gone

I had injured my shoulder 2 months prior to seeing Christine.  I had my arm in a sling and couldn’t move it without severe pain. I was also on the wait list for shoulder surgery.  On waking, the morning after my initial treatment, I reached out to pick up a glass of water and my husband called out “Hey, you can move your arm!”. There was still a little pain but after the 2nd treatment it was gone. When the hospital called 10 months later, I was happy to be able to cancel the surgery.

Carol (Samford, Qld)

It only took one treatment for the pain to disappear

I do lots of driving with my sales job.  Every now & then I get a severe pain down my buttock, and down the back and outside of my right leg.  I couldn’t believe that it only took one treatment for the pain to disappear. I was a bit concerned about the amount of driving I had to do the week after my treatment, but my back held out.  Great work Chris!

John (Bribie Island, Qld)

I am a lot happier and pain free

I was involved in a car accident on 23/11/03.  Subsequent operations left me with a fused left ankle, MRSA as well; Fused left wrist; Seriously torn supraspinatus left shoulder and right knee replacement.  I was receiving Chiro & Physio treatment and was not progressing very much.  I tried “Bowen treatment” with Christine on the advice of a friend (reluctantly at first).  After a couple of treatments I started to feel a lot better.  I started to become a lot more pain free in my movements.  I could use my arms and legs and back a lot easier.  I could wash and polish my car & caravan.  I could do things easier than previously and plus a lot more other things that I was unable to do before.  My lower back became a lot easier and I could walk greater distances which was great.  I know that the way I feel now is a result of the “Bowen Treatments” I received.  I am at the stage where I go for treatments when I feel like it.  I am a lot happier and pain free than I have been for the last 7-8 years thanks to “Bowen”.

W Jennings (Bribie Island, Qld)

Enormous improvement in my physical and emotional health

I have a thyroid related disease which has caused me much physical pain (due to surgeries), emotional anxiety and panic.  Since I began Bowen Therapy with Christine, I have found an enormous improvement in my physical and emotional health and even a big difference in my sleep patterns.  My whole well being has improved.

Jillian (Bribie Island, Qld)

Debilitating headaches and ‘yuk’ feeling

Hi Christine, Hope that you are well. You did a few treatments for me recently and I would like to give you some feedback. Initially I came to see you because of debilitating headaches and ‘yuk’ feeling. After the last treatment, I had one more bad episode which was more of a stomach nausea thing rather than a headache. That was a month ago now. This past weekend I worked both days and conditions were rife which would have brought on an episode, yet it didn’t happen and I was able to enjoy the evening with my family instead of in bed alone feeling dreadful.

I feel that a change has happened within myself and it’s all good. So once again thank you and I hope to see you again for ongoing maintenance.

By the way, I feel that a single treatment for my daughter Serena did the world of good for her too. For the past year she has had lots of emotional stuff going on, but recently she is well balanced and happy. All good. Enjoy your day. Kind regards,

Halyna (Springwood, NSW)

Continuous headaches and frequent migraines

My daughter, age 11, had been getting continuous headaches, and frequent migraines with vomiting since she was about 5. After the first treatment the vomiting stopped and headaches were less severe. After the 2nd treatment there were no headaches at all for about 7 weeks. Monthly treatments are currently being done for prevention.

Silvia (Richlands, Qld)

Thanks to Bowen

Thanks to Bowen we made it through the wet State Championships undefeated winners of 40’s & 45’s.  Yay us!  Thanks.

Monica (Baulkham Hills, NSW)

Bowen has saved the day!

Hi Chris, Bowen has saved the day! Each time my Achillies hurt, on the first day of the long weekend netball carnival, I attempted the magic moves you showed me and walla… the pain went away.  I did it before and after every 2nd game and it seemed to do the trick.  We have won our first 6 games so a good start.  Thanks.

Monica (Baulkham Hills, NSW)