Bowen Therapy broke the cycle

Christine Hart is a Bowen Therapist in Springwood. She is simply brilliant. Bowen Therapy is a little known modality of healing, but it is incredibly effective and powerful. For three years I have suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I spent the most part of it in therapy (working on the head and the emotions) but I still felt stuck, stuck inside a loop I did not understand, nor did I feel I had any control over. A loop of fear that would grab my body and take over my mind – on a daily basis. This started to subside as it does with PTSD over time – but the cycle of it did not break until addressing the way it was stored in my body when I went to see Christine. The Bowen Therapy broke the cycle, within days I had my head back, and I could focus on work in a way I had not been able to do for three years. Christine specializes in applying Bowen with a trauma recovery focus, making it great for people who go through the physical and psychological traumas of all sorts of abuse, neglect, etc.

SI (Lawson, NSW)