Debilitating headaches and ‘yuk’ feeling

Hi Christine, Hope that you are well. You did a few treatments for me recently and I would like to give you some feedback. Initially I came to see you because of debilitating headaches and ‘yuk’ feeling. After the last treatment, I had one more bad episode which was more of a stomach nausea thing rather than a headache. That was a month ago now. This past weekend I worked both days and conditions were rife which would have brought on an episode, yet it didn’t happen and I was able to enjoy the evening with my family instead of in bed alone feeling dreadful.

I feel that a change has happened within myself and it’s all good. So once again thank you and I hope to see you again for ongoing maintenance.

By the way, I feel that a single treatment for my daughter Serena did the world of good for her too. For the past year she has had lots of emotional stuff going on, but recently she is well balanced and happy. All good. Enjoy your day. Kind regards,

Halyna (Springwood, NSW)