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Overcoming Fears

I have had a fear of heights all of my life, and particularly for the past 40 years. This fear has stopped me from experiencing many fun rides with my children and I had the unfortunate situation of having panic attacks whilst on rides whilst they were in my care alone. It has stopped me from enjoying wonderful scenic views, using cable cars etc The Bowen Therapy, particularly the treatment for overcoming fears has changed my life!! Thank You. I had followed your suggestions over a couple of months and just recently I have successfully managed to go the Scenic railway in Katoomba (steepest ride in the world at 52 deg) 3 times !! I also went on the cable way which ran along the tree tops to the bottom of the rainforest floor.Twice!! And remarkably I went on the Skyway which runs across the top of the valley.  I saw the complete Katoomba Falls and on the return journey stood over the glass area and looked down!!! I was actually EXCITED to get onto my first fear (scenic railway) as I felt confident that I could do it and I wanted to conquer my fear. I used the “safe place” to cope with the cable way the first time.  I also used it to help me initially onto the Skyway but there was also a mixture of EXCITEMENT again.I can do things I never thought possible and I no longer have to rely on medication that makes me drowsy so I don’t really get to enjoy the day. I can’t wait until the next challenge that we may have whilst overseas. Having 2 sisters who experience similar problems I have shared with them my story and about Bowen. Please feel free to share my story if it can help others to be encouraged.

Carol (Blaxland, NSW)