COVID-19 restriction and alternative support

If you are feeling any symptoms prior to your appointment please call to reschedule or change to an online appointment.

I am still able to offer stress, trauma and body tension relief via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.

If you are in need of support during these difficult times, please contact me on: 0402 106 603 or 4751 7201

For further information, read about Trauma Recovery Techniques.


Thank you for your thoughtfulness

Dear Christine, May life bring you a reflection of the kindness you’ve shown to others.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Maureen (Bribie Island, Qld)

Many thanks

To the Lady who changed the colour of my Energy & Health this year, this gift is entirely appropriate. Many thanks for all your help this year.

Jill (Bribie Island, Qld)

You have cared

You have taken the Time… you have Cared… you have given So much when you didn’t have to… Thank You!

Jill (Bribie Island, Qld)

Healing from top to toe

Thank you so much for healing me from top to toe & making me feel so good with the Bowen Treatment.

Margaret (Bribie Island, Qld)

You have Magic hands

Thank you for your kindness in keeping us all well and healthy with your Bowen treatments.  It is so generous of you and has helped each of us.  You have Magic hands…

Angie, Kay, Tara, Ken, Jack, Terry & Col (Woolloongabba, Qld)

I no longer suffer

I visited Christine suffering from debilitation reflux and a problem knee.  I no longer suffer from reflux and am able to walk long distances without pain, owing to Christine’s holistic approach.  I also now have an incredible self awareness that has so enriched my life.  I cannot thank Christine enough, I am so grateful.

Wendy (Lawson, NSW)

Back into balance

Thank you for bringing my body back into balance.

Cynthia, (Bribie Island, Qld)

We are grateful

I and my eyes thank you for your thought & planning & thinking of us re scheduling etc.  We are grateful for your help & kindness and prompt attention when I have hit the Floor! And getting me back to coping so quickly. Bless you Christine for your Goodness & Kindness.

Jill (Bribie Island, Qld)

Thank you

Christine, Thank you so very much for your care & concern & being there when I needed someone.

Gale (Bribie Island, Qld)

Incredible sense of calmness and wellbeing

I first went to Christine as I had a lot of pain in my body and Chiropractics and exercise did nothing to alleviate it. She started doing a lot of work to alleviate the painful condition, and the results were pretty fast. However, it was not gone totally. At that point, I noticed Christine did very few, select movements on my body which were able to get even deeper to the seat of the problem. My body took a quantum leap at that point, and enormous changes were gained within a short period of time. I am pretty well pain free now. Along with that, I have an incredible sense of calmness and wellbeing I have never felt before. What appears to be such a simple technique, has profound and long lasting effects. She has literally saved my life. I have my entire family going to her now! Thank you for moving to the Blue Mountains Christine!!!!

Karen (Lawson, NSW)

Bowen during pregnancy & labour

When I was pregnant with my first child I was lucky enough to receive regular Bowen treatments from Christine. I suffered with anxiety in the first trimester, which after only one Bowen treatment, had disappeared. I had ongoing lower back and hip pain and also suffered with pubic synthesis in the last half of the pregnancy. A single Bowen treatment would eliminate the pain for a few weeks. When I was into my third trimester I stared to get quite bad fluid retention in my feet, ankles and hands. After one Bowen treatment the fluid retention never came back. I was amazed! Other things Bowen helped me with throughout my pregnancy were nausea, fatigue, heartburn and reflux. I felt fantastic during my pregnancy and had no problems with my back and hips after labour.

Christine was lovely enough to give me Bowen while I was in labour (even though I laboured all night!). With Christine’s help I was able to deliver a very healthy baby naturally, with no drugs or pain relief. This is something that meant a lot to me in my birthing plan, and I can truly say I couldn’t have done it without Christine’s helps and support.  I am so grateful to have had Christine’s Bowen treatments throughout my pregnancy and labour.

Kate (Beerwah, Qld)

Difficult birth & an infant with severe reflux and colic

After a difficult birth, premature delivery & an infant with severe reflux and colic, I was feeling exhausted & very stressed. After the first treatment my mind became clearer and I felt more relaxed, confident and able to cope. From my experience I would recommend Christine as a Bowen therapist without hesitation.

I took my 3 month old to see Christine for his reflux, colic & floppy airway, the results were truly amazing! He is a much happier, more content child now. During the treatments I mentioned to Christine that my son wanted to sleep in my arms all day and screamed whenever he was in his car seat or in the bath. To my amazement, all these things were able to be treated successfully with Bowen therapy, no controlled crying required!

Alison (Emu Plains, NSW)

“Women problems”

After being on conventional medication and having had an operation for “women problems” I was facing a hysterectomy. Christine was able to sort all this out in a few sessions and I now have my life back. No more medications, operations or specialist visits for me. Will always be eternally grateful for finally being well after two years. Many many thanks Christine and I wish you and your family all the best for the future.

Libby (Bribie Island, Qld)